That Spring Thing

In summer and winter, you can pretty much predict that tomorrow will be more similar to today. Temperatures are more consistent and the change is slower, versus day to day. In spring, that rule flies right out the window. One day (Wednesday for example) is over cast and windy. The weather forecast predicts only two days of sunshine during the next several weeks with lots of wind. It’s easy... [Read more of this post]

  • Words from the Staff

    From Sarah O.

    Each week, several members of our incredible staff will be sharing their experience here at the farm. Writers include college bound Megan; CSA pick up coordinator, 10+ year JenEhr compatriot and mother of four Sarah O, Monday farm chef and personal chef Sheldon and farm pick up coordinator and organizer of Kay - Kathy H.

    From Sarah O: -- Dinner's Almost Ready

    Dinner is just around the corner, and I’m chopping salad ingredients when my 3-year-old declares herself hungry. I hand her a bowl of sliced cucumbers and ask her to offer some to her grandparents, our dinner guests. She hugs the bowl close to her body and holds out a single slice each to Papa and Grandma before settling onto the couch and munching through the rest on her own. No one complains about her lack of hospitality.

    Last summer, this same child would obligingly nibble the edge of a cucumber slice and then decline (no ‘fanks). But it’s a new season. A new year. Months and months have passed since I last brought this vegetable home from the farm

    That’s enough time to forget, or for taste and texture preferences to evolve. That’s one of the things I love about eating seasonally with kids: there’s a certain excitement when a loved favorite returns to the table after a winter hiatus (the hakuri turnips were met with real enthusiasm this spring), and I find it encouraging as a parent to approach each new season as a fresh start.

    So while I couldn’t get any of my kids to eat broccoli last summer, I’m looking forward to trying again now that Farmer Paul’s best is back in my crisper drawer.

    Sarah O has worked with us at JenEhr starting the summer before marrying John and four daughters. We are pleased that she is sharing her 10+ years insights of the farm and her daily life.

  • Need farm staff person

    Need Staff Person

    We have a spot open on the farm team.

    Looking for someone with farm experience, preferably vegetable farm experience. No tractor driving involved, but lots of time outside with the crew - harvesting, planting and weeding.

    Pay starts at $8.50 per hour, then raised based on performance and experience after 30-day probation period.

    The position is available to proven hard workers who can handle lots of up and down, minimum 50lb lifting ability, able to work from 7AM to 5PM Monday - Friday. Spanish speaking great, Smokers or tobacco chewers need not apply.

    If interested, send an email with resume to Kay at or leave a message on the farm phone 608/825-9531. Position available immediately.

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