When we first started farming, I made Farmer Paul try everything, a new pepper variety, tomatoes we’d tasted in other parts of the country, even sunflowers and tulips.  As we experimented with what the farm grows best (A) and what the farmers like best (B) all over what we can sell (C);  (A+B)/C; the list of experimentation lessened and we refined the new varieties within the prescribed categories.  One product that fit the equation was blueberries.  Farmer Paul spent years nurturing the one acre plot, maintaining the low Ph, keeping certain crops out of the area and controlling weeds with cultivation and chicken/turkey rotation.


And finally, after seven years, we were ready to plant our one acre of blueberries.  We planted, we mulched, we watered and we waited.  While we waited for the blueberry bushes to grow (which they did), the quackgrass lay in wait for the perfect opportunity to spring forth (and it did).