CSA members at the farm

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Sunday, we held the second CSA Upick here at the farm.  It was a four hour window where you had the opportunity to come out to the farm and pick extra cherry tomatoes, in addition to those you’ve been receiving in your share each week.


A steady stream of you come out for the Upick, coming solo, bringing friends and family.  The cherry tomato upick went pretty quickly for most, with a one for the box and a one for the mouth pick to eat ratio occurring.  It was certainly a sweet time.


After harvesting your cherry tomato share, I asked that our CSA members contribute 15 minutes to helping with work on the farm.  During the first tomato Upick, we cleaned out the hoophouse Betty of tomato vines and bad fruit rolling around the ground.  This time we pulled a 256-foot bed of basil that was bitter and needed to be cleaned up in preparation for winter.  A diligent tween and his Iron Man participant Dad took care of the dirty work of pulling up plastic.  Once mission accomplished, we moved onto weeding the big weeds out of the celery, which is in your share this week.


I love having CSA Upick events at the farm.  I love getting to see you all; hearing tales of meals prepared and shared; getting feedback about the season and meeting your family and friends.    It is a big social event that just makes me happy.


What I see is that the event also makes you happy.  Sure, you’re happy about the cherry tomatoes.  But I see more joy when we ask you to help with some of the farm work.  Many of you come prepared with gloves and long sleeved shirts.  But all of you come with an enthusiasm to get your hands dirty (except the husband who good naturedly looked askance at his wife who somehow left the work part out of the description).  I loved watching daughter and father working together pulling weeds, figuring out changed roles as age and fitness change place with parent/child authority roles.  I watched with fascination as brothers and sisters competed with who did more and friends challenged each other to keep up in the heat.  Even a few couples who figured out the rhythm of moving from pararell work to cooperative work.


This reap and work combination is one that marks the difference between grocery store shopping and CSA membership.  Here at JenEhr, we want you see all the behind the scenes work involved in how your food is raised, harvested, washed and packed for your use.  We want to help you understand the complexaties of growing food, of the work involved and the people who do the work. Plus, the crew is so grateful when they come to work on Monday morning and find one of the day’s tasks checked off the list. 


At JenEhr, we are grateful for you, our CSA members for a number of reasons.  A CSA Upick day like yesterday helps remind us all about the intertwined relationship involved with growing on a CSA farm and being a CSA member.  Thank you for being part of the team. 



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Madison Market Saturday

So come see us this Saturday in Madison -

At the Capitol Square - 7AM to 1PM, just left of where East Washington meets Pinckney St.

Westside Community Market - corner of University Ave. and Segoe Road in the Department of Transportation (DoT) parking lot.

Tosa Farmers Market - 8AM to Noon,

West Allis Farmers Market - 1PM to 2:30PM; National and 65th St, West Allis


Looking For Summer Help

Farmers Market Help - Looking for someone who loves JenEhr produce and poultry.  Someone who likes mornings (we start at 6:15AM) and enjoys helping people put together great meals. Basic math skills needed (although we have lots of simple math rules to help with making change), able to lift 20+ pounds and you'll be on your feet for six hours.  The pay starts at $9 per hour, with chicken and produce benefits.  We DON'T pay in cash nor "under the table",  all JenEhr employees fill out timecards and required tax information. Position runs April through November, with work available at both the Madison downtown/Capitol Square Market and the Westside Market at DoT.  Email interest to jenehr@aol.com

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