Just Half Way

I know that when Labor Day hits, folks start to think that summer is done.  I am here to tell you just the contrary – there is lots of summer left, both by the calendar and by the growing season.

The Fall Equinox occurs September 23rd, 9:29AM – when the Sun crosses the celestial equiator. From that day on out, the temperatures begin to drop and days start to get shorter than night – this is the true beginning of fall.  So for the next three weeks, it’s still summer.

When it comes to your CSA share, we are on week 12 of a 22 week season, so while we still have more summer love coming in your share, there are still plenty of growing days going on.  Farmer Paul just gave me a list of expectations – winter squash in about one month, more romano beans by the end of September, along with more lettuce and a whole rainbow of potatoes.

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