This week, there are two pounds of Farmer Paul, JenEhr broccoli in your share.  Over the course of the past 17 years of doing CSA, we hear two things about our broccoli:

  1. More
  2. WOW!!!

Not spoofing you about how good the broccoli tastes.  And why? you might ask.  As all things here at JenEhr, it starts with the soil.  It seems that the prairie soil on this farm is perfect for growing broccoli.  Then, Farmer Paul adds the love.  There is no other vegetable that Paul loves to grow as much as broccoli.  When the harvest finally starts, he bounds out of bed before even the sun, hurriedly brewing his first cup of coffee before striding out to the packshed, gathering up his yellow waterproof apron, loading the bins into the “mule”, and heading out to the field, knife and sharpener at hand.  E