Eating Well

I know that I keep talking about how eating locally, seasonally and organically matters. That is not just a platitude that I recite to get you to eat your vegetables.  I make sure that not only does my family eat well, but that our crew eats well.  The JenEhr farm crew consists of 6 to 10 people (depending on the day).  These folks do the work involved with everything on the farm.  They work really really hard, are diligent about their work and take seriously what we do here at the farm.


As employers, we strive to make sure they make a living wage, both in terms of actual money, but also by providing produce and chickens for them and their families throughout the season.  We love when we hear stories of the weekend spent canning tomatoes, strawberry jam for school lunchbox sandwiches and pickled hot peppers. 


Another perk we provide for the crew are farm chef cooked meals.  Twice each week, one of our two farm chefs come into the kitchen and cooks up a storm.  As I write this Monday morning, Andrew is upstairs banging the pots and pans, spot washing dishes as he dirties and reuses, creating undulating sounds with the mixer and blenders.  By noon when the crew comes in for lunch, Andrew will have the dining table groaning with dishes for the crew.  Last week, we caught Andrew on video putting together the crew meal.  You’ll find the edited version on our website at  Just scroll down the home page and there he is.


There are two reasons we have farm chefs here at the farm (we’ve had a variety of chefs and cooks for the past 16 years);

  1. The crew works really hard and I want them to eat well. Not just eat well, but eat dishes from the produce items that they work with every day.  I want them to taste new flavors and preparation styles.  A day working at the farm can be long and tedious, sometimes forgetting that the work is actually about food, not about just “work”.  Eating fabulous dishes from the produce items they planted, weeded, trellised and harvested brings the farm full circle.  Plus eating a communal meal together generates lots of great conversations.
  2. My family of four needs to eat well during the summer as well. Like you, we are busy.  Before the farm chefs, a meal might have been a terrible pizza popped in the oven at 9PM before falling exhausted into bed.  The farm chefs prepare enough food to feed the crew with leftovers for our family (and the occasional drop in of in-laws, friends and previous crew members).  Like you, I can get stymied by what to make for supper and the farm chef not only provides some meals for our too infrequent family meals (but continous snacking, munching and gorging) but gives me inspiration of things to try next time I’m in the kitchen.  The inspiration extends to you as well, as the farm chefs help me test recipes and flavor combinations, they’re the guinea pigs when Farmer Paul brings in a new vegetable he’s trialing or a new cheese from a farmers market vendor.


The farm chef is a win for everyone involved with farm and we’re blessed to have such talented people cooking for us.

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Madison Market Saturday

So come see us this Saturday in Madison -

At the Capitol Square - 7AM to 1PM, just left of where East Washington meets Pinckney St.

Westside Community Market - corner of University Ave. and Segoe Road in the Department of Transportation (DoT) parking lot.

Tosa Farmers Market - 8AM to Noon,

West Allis Farmers Market - 1PM to 2:30PM; National and 65th St, West Allis


Looking For Summer Help

Farmers Market Help - Looking for someone who loves JenEhr produce and poultry.  Someone who likes mornings (we start at 6:15AM) and enjoys helping people put together great meals. Basic math skills needed (although we have lots of simple math rules to help with making change), able to lift 20+ pounds and you'll be on your feet for six hours.  The pay starts at $9 per hour, with chicken and produce benefits.  We DON'T pay in cash nor "under the table",  all JenEhr employees fill out timecards and required tax information. Position runs April through November, with work available at both the Madison downtown/Capitol Square Market and the Westside Market at DoT.  Email interest to

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